"If your needing to get your career goals or any other for that matter back on track-let Steven Cuoco help.  Through a variety of skill sets and experiences, Cuoco has developed a game plan to empower clients to realize their dreams."

- FOX Network


"Steven Cuoco is a multi-talented, down-to-earth humanitarian who puts people first before all else. In addition to his stellar achievements in the arts, in business, and in the media, Steven is a maverick and indefatigable seeker of the best and brightest artistic accomplishments from the world's most gifted artists in multiple genres. He has established a public podium by where the best art is given the most attention, regardless of the dictates of the art world's current maxims.

His aesthetic gifts are ultimately unique and new, dynamic and are always most refreshing. I highly recommend Steven Cuoco for any position in the arts, business or the media - for to know him is a distinct honor, and to work with him is always an exciting and enjoyable privilege. He is a man of consummate altruistic sensitivity and high ethical principles. I and all who know him are truly blessed to work with such a creative, and intuitive talent as Steven Cuoco."

- John Lars Zwerenz: Award-Winning Author


"What a Marvelous young man. I am so proud of Steven and for what he is doing in the world. So many people have much to look forward to when working with him. I am so grateful to be alive to witness his remarkable talents."

- Carol Channning: Tony & Grammy Award-Winning Actress


"Steven, you are what this world needs. You are honest and truly a man who is connected in so many ways. The deep connection you have with yourself and with the world is truly breathtaking."

- Kaye Ballard: The Patty Duke Show (TV Series)


"Steven Cuoco is an extraordinary man. His expertise is profound and his ideas are crisp and clear. The level of expertise you will receive from this man is remarkable. Your personal and professional goals are in good hands."

- Cofield Mundi: Universal Music Group


"You my friend are so talented and I am so proud of your accomplishments."

- Dr. Christina Charbonneau: International Best Selling Author


"We're all angels," says Cuoco. "And united we have one dream – to be known, to be respected, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged. The 'United Angels Dream' series will bring different artistic mediums that almost mirror each other together in one place. And by collaborating with different artists, United Angels Dream will be able to unite these people in their dream."

- Forbes


"Steven is the associate that everyone in any form of business wants to work with: a natural. Steven is effortless in his vision and authenticity. I worked with him years back when his intuition brought us together on the commercial "Fearlesss" for the international publication "EMAGE Magazine". Let's just say there's a reason why we still keep in touch, Steven is not only the guy you need in your business, he's the guy you need in your life! Intuitive, brilliant, and an infallible support system."

-Imari Anderson: Video Director / Producer at Jubilee Media


"Steven is exceptional. Insight combined with professionalism is a terrific combination which is why his EMAGE is consistently vibrant. Yea!!! Steven. Bravo."

-Linda Carfagno: Photo Archivist at Center For Contemporary Arts (CCA)


"Whether you're doing the self-growth and personal development work necessary to help you align your goals to a bigger purpose or are simply ready to own your spotlight and turn your business into a thriving empire, Steven has the technique and signature program to take you there. His radio show: Real Women, My Story has touched the hearts of thousands and the motivation and charm it takes to succeed while maintaining the integrity it takes to authentically brand yourself. Steven has done this for Holistic Fashionista and many other big name companies. His proven track record is enough to ignite your business quickly and with amazing results."

-Angel Quintana: Holistic Fashionista Magazine