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We Don't Play The Social Game. We Are Social. -Steven Cuoco

The responsibility of a publicist is to oversee the public image and manage media relations for client(s). Coordinate publicity events and making sure every client knows where to go and what to do. Other responsibilities include writing press releases, releasing statements, assisting in maintaining a flawless appearance and acting as council where needed. Generate publicity by pitching story ideas to magazines, radio shows and newspapers about the client or company. If the client does something that can be perceived negatively, it is up to the publicist to maintain credibility: and to be fair, honest and disclose all material facts.

My goal is to provide innovative consulting, public relations, luxury branding and strategy that builds relationships while creating and obtaining consistent work and customer/client retention. Clean and precise branding will invite people to get to know you and to find out who you are. This is an effective form that is luxurious, educational and a proper preparation of communication integrated into every aspect of your existing marketing and effort.  And to build solid, long lasting and trusting relationships for years to come. 


"Let's create something good, by helping others feel good, while creating mass appeal."

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Fashion Publicist

My performance in the world of fashion heavily relies upon experience and the specific services I offer my clients: setting up photo shoots, media coverage, and arranging interviews are the most important tasks of my position.

A major priority as a fashion publicist is to build and maintain a favorable public image that can change the future of the fashion label. 


Author Publicist

As a bestselling international author, knowing the distinct area of needs for promoting book authors and creative types is very important to me.

A passionate role I serve is to obtain credible one line comments about your book from important and influential people.  It is essential to work strategically by understanding what key publications are important for reviews about your book in mass media and magazines.  Let's have a discussion about accomplishing this goal, today!



Entertainment / Corporate Publicist

What's the number one priority in brand strategy for your company? Connecting affluent consumers to your brand through simple and engaging communication. 

As an entertainment and corporate publicist, I will create a clear message to the public about you and your business, or project, to obtain maximum ROI. obtaining positive reviews about movies and music, retaining loyal and attracting new customers for brands and products, goods and services, arranging photo shoots, interviews, and post-production shoots. It has to stand for something.

It has to be a lifestyle. It has to tell stories that will yield engagement. It is also valuable to obtain behind-the-scene photos. Of all the different publicist profiles, this one is the most important.




"You are an inspiration they can't stop talking about!"


Music Publicist

As specified in recent areas, I apply my public relations skills and media knowledge to help a music artist maintain his or her desired public image. This includes helping to market the artists' work, representing the artist through multiple corporate channels, arranging interviews with the media, and writing speeches.

Helping an artist to book a paid performance is another area we may discuss.

Bodybuilding/Fitness Publicist

To be honest, most people believe this profession mirrors an actor & model profession.  I am here to tell you that it does not.  Bodybuilding and fitness professionals highly rely on sponsorship.  


Sponsors are looking for fit athletes who not only have a basic knowledge of supplements but know their supplements (or products). Taking just one or two of a company's supplements won't get you signed.

You need to have a wide range of use and knowledge of the product line. They also want outgoing athletes who are not afraid to go into gyms or stores and ask to do demos.

Your attitude, personality, and how you present yourself will be big selling points to sponsors. Even if you don't think that you are naturally outgoing or good around large groups of people, you can still get sponsored! 

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This is where we can identify how to be strategic with your identity and how it will translate through product promotion, selling and service. Photo: Steven Cuoco media coverage for MuscleMania® & Fitness America®

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Actor Publicity & Promotions

The responsibility and as your representative of promoting you and the agency’s name and image in advertising and business community is very important.

Why? It ties the agency’s name in with events and advertisements by providing models for the commissioned work for the sake of name exposure.  I will work with your agency and help you by building a top portfolio and lead with press inquiries about the agency and, often, individual models.

Note: If you want to become a model, any kind of model, it’s important to know how an agency works so that you can get the most from an agency in terms of managing your career. Modeling agencies have their own way of doing things.  You need to know the chain of command and follow it.  If not, systems will not flow accordingly or professionally: think, and ask before you make a final decision.