Terms of use:

United Angels Dream® reserves the right to reserve service to anyone and any business. This includes consulting, cancellation of magazine subscriptions, memberships, affiliation(s), removal from mailing and emailing lists, community and social media outlets, private groups, blocking from social media and events, etc., should you not comply with terms.

Rights for termination:

  • Inappropriate behavior/comments
  • Falsifying Identity
  • Crude or Illegal behavior
  • Copyright infringement
  • Plagiarism
  • Disrespect to company, others and their creativity
  • Inappropriate communication format and illustration(s)
  • Slander
  • Payment interruption
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Disrespect and non-compliance of rules and regulations
  • Disregarding and breaking contract(s)
  • Falsifying contracts
  • Misuse of content and intellectual property as well as copyright
  • Any forms not mentioned here that may be considered offensive and illegal
  • If you have sent information my mail and email; it is your responsibility to follow up with United Angels Dream®.

    United Angels Dream® policy is to always use the phone first in contacting United Angels Dream, LLC. We live in a digital world for there are no guarantees and therefore, it is your responsibility 100% to make sure payments, messages, emails and mailings are handled by agreement and law.

    United Angels Dream® does not parent by hand-holding when it comes to addressing business matters appropriately and responsibly. If you are a minor, and are under contract, or not; the same rules apply.


    Cancellation by you must be in writing 30 days prior to effective date of cancellation. Please note: It is your responsibility to communicate with United Angels Dream®, to discuss how a remedy, before closure of contract is final. Sometimes differences in opinions happen and an open mind is requested by all and under all contracts illustrated, written, proposed, and negotiated and so on.


  • United Angels Dream® accepts all forms of Credit Card payments, along cash, check, money order and cashier checks.  All payment(s) and its form are due before the first of each month to continue service.  

    If you are writing a check; it is your responsibility to make sure that the appropriate funds are in your bank account…No exceptions.

  • Check/Credit Card Payment: If you miss a payment, and/or a payment is over five days due. You will receive a 15% late payment fee and every 30 days after that a 10% late payment fee.  A $25 dollar monthly late charge will also be added every month until the full amount is paid in full. If you go 60 days without payment, it will automatically go into collections.


  • No matter how you make a payment, there are no payment plans unless discussed and contracted by United Angels Dream® first.

    All payment receipts will have ‘United Angels Dream’ listed on your receipts/statements.

    EMAGE Magazine® and any events are owned and operated by United Angels Dream, LLC.

    If you happen to dispute a charge when using your credit card. A non-refundable amount of 25% will be taken out along with any processing fee. 

Events/Advertising/Marketing/Promotions(s), memberships, products and cancellations are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to know exactly what you are signing and agreeing to. Contracts will differ from client to client, and processing of cancellations) must be received with a 30 day notice. Certain exceptions will apply when cancellation is agreed upon and requested for United Angels Dream® to do so. Processing a cancellation can take up to 30 days, give or take contract, business, and all parties involved.

United Angels Dream® have no intentions to keep your money if services are not provided. However, if services are provided; your responsibility is the full contract of 30 days or specified otherwise as agreed upon.

If there are ever memberships provided for services. You will remain active for the remainder of the month unless otherwise decided by United Angels Dream®. If you have broken any and all agreements under the Privacy Policy, Membership Policies, Late payment, Event contracts; you will not be refunded and termination of agreement will be IMMEDIATE.

United Angels Dream® reserve the right to change, update, manage, and establish alternative management to contracts at any given time without your approval. You will not be placed in harm’s way and all decisions will be delegated effectively in the best interest provided.

Any illegal activity will cease all contracts and monies owed will remain your responsibility and all late charges will be assessed accordingly.

Sales tax: Wherever needing to apply to certain contract/business/entrepreneur agreements will be added to payments/balance due to United Angels Dream® and Steven Cuoco, and any third party involvements such as events, photographer, filmography, make-up artist, hair stylist, salon, editor director, screenwriter, gallery, Fashion Designer, and so on, including above departments and role(s) that may have not been mentioned here.

Shipping is the sole-responsibility of merchandise by distribution companies who handle the purchase of magazines such as EMAGE Magazine, and any books, photographs, etc.

Headquarters Mailing Address:

United Angels Dream, LLC or

Steven Cuoco

68 Glen Ave.

Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865


908-329-5131 or




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