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EMAGE Magazine® International is your first class lifestyle medium for entertainment, fashion, fitness, business, and luxury branding. EMAGE Magazine is the most sought after International online publication voted by readers. EMAGE features a variety of talent, celebrities, and artists and builds creativity and partnership in the community. Come and submerge yourself inside the world of EMAGE!

Featured celebrities include: Betty White, Mike Ruiz, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Sully Erna (Godsmack), Mark Strong, Ben Foster, Billy Bob Thornton, Charlize Theron, Sam Asghari, and more.

"We are all an instrument with a special notation to our individual identity. When you incorporate many beautiful notes together, you envelop a harmonious orchestra." - Steven Cuoco
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Steven is one of the most sought positioning experts for corporate companies and businesses who are looking to attract and build relationships specifically with Millennials and emerging generations. Steven knows what emerging generations are seeking when they are inspired to spend, perform and maintain long term loyalty. Steven has the ability to identify missed opportunities and to design and implement strategic systems for incorporating new revenue streams and profit in current and emerging markets. And provides his systems as a corporate, entrepreneur, event(s), book/magazine, entertainment, and music publicist.

Generation X / Millennial Approved


Steven Cuoco, Founder and CEO of United Angels Dream-Your Second Opinion Resource Company®, EMAGE Magazine® International, Journey's Find™ and Model Me VIP®: A New Reality Show was raised and grew up on the East Coast in a suburb outside of NYC.

He self studied before applying the valuable knowledge he gained authoring the International best seller, Guided Transformation: Poems, Quotes, and Inspiration. He has extensive training in executive, sales, and creative experience. He incorporates his knowledge as a Management Consultant/Strategist and a certified EIS (Emotional Intelligence Specialist) in all areas of his offerings.

Steven's skill set is a successfully effective form that is luxurious, educational and a proper preparation of communication integrated in to every aspect of your existing marketing and effort.

Steven has been featured on CNN, CNN iReport, CW, FOX, Forbes, syndicated radio shows and in top magazines worldwide.

He has worked on a diverse variety of projects as an advisor and judge of International and Domestic Talent and has been interviewed and his initiatives written about as a celebrity PR person, and National Media expert by outlets such as CNN, FOX and Forbes.

If you're ready to increase your star power, exponentially expand your brand and become more visible in today's marketplace-you need Steven!

Steven positions high profile entertainment, fitness, literary and corporate clientele as recognized authorities in their niche. And provides his systems as a corporate, entrepreneur, event(s), book/magazine, entertainment, and music publicist. Mr. Cuoco is a sought after publicist for events with film studios, fashion/runway, live events and entertainment projects.

Steven currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will travel when needed.

In addition, Steven's expertise is to position companies in bridging aspects of business and entertainment with younger age groups. Steven knows what emerging generations are seeking when they are inspired to spend, perform and maintain long term loyalty.

FACT: Fact Tank reports that "Americans are moving at historically low rates, in part because Millennials are staying put."


And they could be moving towards companies like yours to spend more money in today's marketplace.


FACT: Millennials consume more products, services and merchandise from companies than any other single group on the planet.

Are you currently tapping into this primed group of customers? Are they connecting with your brand? Do they even know who you are?

Millennials are spending more money in today's marketplace than any other demographic.

"One of the largest generations in history is about to move into its prime spending years. Millennials are poised to reshape the economy; their unique experiences will change the ways we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come." - Goldman Sachs

Are you missing out on the Millennials? And why does it matter?

"The Millennial generation is the largest in US history and as they reach their prime working and spending years, their impact on the economy is going to be huge. Millennials have come of age during a time of technological change, globalization and economic disruption. That’s given them a different set of behaviors and experiences than their parents. Finally, their active lifestyle influences trends in everything from food and drink to fashion." - Goldman Sachs

FACT: There are 92 million untapped Millennials in the marketplace.

Are you currently tapping into this primed group of customers? Are they connecting with your brand? Do they even know who you are? If not, here's your help. Steven is one of the most sought positioning experts for corporate companies and businesses who are looking to attract and build relationships specifically with Millennials and emerging generations. Get started and contact Steven, today!


We are currently accepting applications for publicity campaigns and event promotion from actors, musicians, models and artists events. If you feel you qualify for support to make your event or profile extraordinary please contact the offices of Steven Cuoco to begin the application process. Please be aware we also accept various art grants or scholarships from noted artistic schools, colleges and government artist support programs.

Independent artists with talent are welcome to apply and may receive consideration for financial or publicity support. Email Steven, today!


* Director of publicity for Project Runaway All Stars in Palm Desert, Project Runway Season 11 and Season 14 (Patricia Michaels & Joseph Charles Poli)

* Publicity for The Real House Wives of Orange County Season 7 - Alexis by Tal Sheyn

* Publicity for Godsmack and Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters

* Production Manager for True 13 Productions

* Director of publicity/Media for Philip Boyd (Tyler Perry's The Have & The Have Nots) & Michael King (The Last Resort, Grimm & NCIS New Orleans)

* Publicity/Media for Al Pacino, George R. R. Martin, Robert Redford, Stephen King, Primetime Emmy Award-winner Gerald Fried, Dennis Hopper, Broadway Director David Geist, Academy Award-winner Shirley MacLaine, Primetime Emmy Award-winner Bette White, Actors Mark Strong & Ben Foster, Oscars, Emmy Awards, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2017, iHeart Radio Music Awards 2017, MuscleMania (Pro), Fitness Universe, Lensic Performing Arts Center & Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (2014-current)

* Publicity/Media for Hunks and Hounds by celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz (benefiting Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue) & The Last Film Festival movie by Director Linda Yellen - starring Dennis Hopper, Jacqueline Bisset, Chris Katten, JoBeth Williams & LeeLee Sobieski - a Monterey Media Production, to name a few...

* Published and mentored models from Wilhelmenia, Elite Worldwide and DNA (London)

Steven Cuoco™ (@stevencuoco) * Instagram photos and videos

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"A simple 'Hello' can lead to a million great things to happen, and opportunity by connecting with Steven, today." Mr. Cuoco provides that professional second opinion about all your personal, business, start-up and entrepreneurship decisions needed in the world of business and entertainment.


Services tailored for you. Steven provides maximum value in helping companies solve issues, maximize growth and improve business performance: how it looks, how it operates, understanding what your business intends to do and providing consistent value to your customers. Usage of business skills, provides objective advice and expertise to help an organization, company or corporate business to develop specialist skills that you will be requiring. It is all about making the best even better!

Areas of services include:

  • Luxury Branding
  • Marketing & Management Strategy
  • Events
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • E-business
  • Image Consulting
  • Reputation Management
  • Employee/Staff/Management Training
  • Mentorship
  • Star-Ups & Corporate Consulting
  • Model/Actor/Fashion Designer Representation
  • Fitness / Bodybuilding Representation

Steven's primarily concentration is within strategy, structure, management and operations. I will identify options for your company and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advisement on additional resources to implement solutions.

Choices made and personalized for you while sharpening your business presence. Business consultation generally begins with understanding what clients wish to improve and enhance. This may include reviewing financial statements, staff/management training, evaluating competitors, and analyzing business practices.

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We Don't Play The Social Game. We Are Social. -Steven Cuoco

"Create something good, by helping others feel good, while creating mass appeal." Steven's goal is to provide innovative consulting, public relations, luxury branding and strategy that builds relationships while creating repeat business and customer/client retention. Clean and precise branding will invite people to get to know you and to find out who you are. This is an effective form that is luxurious, educational and a proper preparation of communication integrated into every aspect of your existing marketing and effort, in addition by building solid, long lasting and trusting relationships for years to come.


The world of fashion heavily relies upon the services of publicists. Setting up photo shoots, coverage sessions and arranging interviews, are the most important tasks of my role of a fashion publicists.

Disclosing appropriate facts and updating the press about the fashion world, are some of the main functions of my role as a fashion publicist.


Steven's role as a bestselling international author, knowing the distinct areas of needs for promoting other book authors and creative types. A very important task He serves in this role is getting positive one line comments about your book from famous people and media companies. He also works strategically in understanding what key publications are important for reviews about your book in newspapers, mass media and magazines.


As an entertainment publicist, Steven often will create a job description that is quite similar to that of fashion publicist. Getting positive reviews about movies, arranging photo shoots, interviews and post production shoots are some important tasks of an entertainment publicist. Of all the different publicist profiles, this one is the most important.


Using public relations skills and vast media knowledge, Steven's main objective role is to keep the public image that an artist wants to project consistent and suitable at all times, through a variety of influential means.


"You are an inspiration they can't stop talking about!"

Steven's responsibility is to oversee the public image and manage media relations for his client(s). Coordinate publicity events and making sure every client knows where to go and what to do. Other responsibilities include writing press releases, releasing statements, assisting in maintaining a flawless appearance and acting as council where needed. Generate publicity by pitching story ideas to magazines, radio shows and newspapers about client. If the client does something that can be perceived negatively, it is up to the publicist to maintain credibility, and be fair, honest and disclose all material facts.

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"Steven Cuoco is a multi-talented, down-to-earth humanitarian who puts people first before all else. In addition to his stellar achievements in the arts, in business, and in the media, Steven is a maverick and indefatigable seeker of the best and brightest artistic accomplishments from the world's most gifted artists in multiple genres. He has established a public podium by where the best art is given the most attention, regardless of the dictates of the art world's current maxims. His aesthetic gifts are ultimately unique and new, dynamic and are always most refreshing. I highly recommend Steven Cuoco for any position in the arts, business or the media - for to know him is a distinct honor, and to work with him is always an exciting and enjoyable privilege. He is a man of consummate altruistic sensitivity and high ethical principles. I and all who know him are truly blessed to work with such a creative, and intuitive talent as Steven Cuoco."

- John Lars Zwerenz- Award-winning Author

"What a Marvelous young man. I am so proud of Steven and for what he is doing in the world. So many people have much to look forward to when working with him. I am so grateful to be alive to witness his remarkable talents."

- Carol Channning-Tony & Grammy Award Winning Actress

"Steven, you are what this world needs. You are honest and truly a man who is connected in so many ways. The deep connection you have with yourself and with the world is truly breathtaking."

- Kaye Ballard-The Patty Duke Show (TV Series)

You my friend are so talented and I am so proud of your accomplishments.

- Dr. Christina Charbonneau-International Best Selling Author

"We're all angels," says Cuoco. "And united we have one dream – to be known, to be respected, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged. The 'United Angels Dream' series will bring different artistic mediums that almost mirror each other together in one place. And by collaborating with different artists, United Angels Dream will be able to unite these people in their dream."

- Forbes

"Steven Cuoco is an extraordinary man. His expertise is profound and his ideas are crisp and clear. The level of expertise you will receive from this man is remarkable. Your personal and professional goals are in good hands."

- Cofield Mundi-Universal Music Group

My name is Steven Cuoco and welcome to United Angels Dream® and EMAGE Magazine® International website.

Our Mission: Setting your stage while the spotlight is on you

Thank you for your interest and I am sure you will be pleased in finding what you are looking for. If you will like to know more information about United Angels Dream® and EMAGE Magazine®, please feel free to view our ‘Media Kit’, or call for more information about services, advertising, marketing, branding, consulting and Public Relations at 908-329-5131. Email: info@stevencuoco.com The basis of these policies; terms and conditions, as well as contract basics are as follows. Each are works in synergy to one another under the United Angels Dream® company policy.

United Angels Dream, LLC is a Consulting / Public Relations and Luxury Branding Agency specializing in the areas of fashion, fitness/bodybuilding, marketing, advertising, PR, entertainment, literary, film, commercial/corporate business and independent contractors’ such as: models; actors; fitness/bodybuilding, artists; fashion designers and musicians.

United Angels Dream, LLC registered office is 19 Lime Kiln Road, Bloomsbury, New Jersey 08804. Phone number: 908-329-5131. You will be doing business with United Angels Dream, LLC. CEO & Founder, Steven Cuoco of United Angels Dream®.

EMAGE Magazine® International is under the company umbrella of United Angels Dream, LLC & United Angels Dream: Your Second Opinion Resource Company®.

The use of this website is as follows:

What we collect from you:


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United Angels Dream®, EMAGE Magazine® may use your personal/business information to send you promotional, discounted, and business information about third parties which we may consider in your best interest. You have the right to decline at any given time with written request. There may be times you may require to contact United Angels Dream®, EMAGE Magazine® Distribution Company in connection to the sale and/or distribution of magazines, books, programs, events, etc.

If you require to reach United Angels Dream®, EMAGE Magazine, please email us at info@stevencuoco.com or call 908-329-5131.


Terms of use:

United Angels Dream® reserves the right to reserve service to anyone and any business. This includes consulting, cancellation of magazine subscriptions, memberships, affiliation(s), removal from mailing and emailing lists, community and social media outlets, private groups, blocking from social media and events, etc., should you not comply with terms.

Rights for termination:

If you have sent information my mail and email; it is your responsibility to follow up with United Angels Dream®.

United Angels Dream® policy is to always use the phone first in contacting United Angels Dream, LLC. We live in a digital world for there are no guarantees and therefore, it is your responsibility 100% to make sure payments, messages, emails and mailings are handled by agreement and law.

United Angels Dream® does not parent by hand-holding when it comes to addressing business matters appropriately and responsibly. If you are a minor, and are under contract, or not; the same rules apply.

Cancellation by you must be in writing 30 days prior to effective date of cancellation. Please note: It is your responsibility to communicate with United Angels Dream®, to discuss how a remedy, before closure of contract is final. Sometimes differences in opinions happen and an open mind is requested by all and under all contracts illustrated, written, proposed, and negotiated and so on.


United Angels Dream®, EMAGE Magazine® International accepts all forms of Credit Card payments, along with checks, money orders and cashier checks.

If you are writing a check; it is your responsibility to make sure that the appropriate funds are in your bank account…No exceptions.

Check Payment: If you miss a payment, and/or a payment is over 25 days due. You will receive a 10% late payment fee and every 30 days after that a 10% late payment fee and a $25 dollar late charge until paid in full. If you go 60 days without payment, it will automatically go into collections.

No matter how you make a payment, there are no payment plans unless discussed and contracted by United Angels Dream® first.

All payment receipts will have ‘United Angels Dream’ listed on your receipts/statements.

EMAGE Magazine® and any events are owned and operated by United Angels Dream, LLC.

If you happen to dispute a charge when using your credit card. A non-refundable amount of 3% will be taken out along with a $15.00 processing fee. This is the credit card processing company charges, not United Angels Dream®.

Events/Advertising/Marketing/Promotions(s), memberships, products and cancellations are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to know exactly what you are signing and agreeing to. Contracts will differ from client to client, and processing of cancellations) must be received with a 30 day notice. Certain exceptions will apply when cancellation is agreed upon and requested for United Angels Dream® to do so. Processing a cancellation can take up to 30 days, give or take contract, business, and all parties involved.

United Angels Dream® have no intentions to keep your money if services are not provided. However, if services are provided; your responsibility is the full contract of 30 days or specified otherwise as agreed upon.

If there are ever memberships provided for services. You will remain active for the remainder of the month unless otherwise decided by United Angels Dream®. If you have broken any and all agreements under the Privacy Policy, HIPAA Policy, Membership Policies, Late payment, Event contracts; you will not be refunded and termination of agreement will be IMMEDIATE.

United Angels Dream® reserve the right to change, update, manage, and establish alternative management to contracts at any given time without your approval. You will not be placed in harm’s way and all decisions will be delegated effectively in the best interest provided.

Any illegal activity will cease all contracts and monies owed will remain your responsibility and all late charges will be assessed accordingly.

Sales tax: Wherever needing to apply to certain contract/business/entrepreneur agreements will be added to payments/balance due to United Angels Dream® and Steven Cuoco, and any third party involvements such as events, photographer, filmography, make-up artist, hair stylist, salon, editor director, screenwriter, gallery, Fashion Designer, and so on, including above departments and role(s) that may have not been mentioned here.

Shipping is the sole-responsibility of merchandise by distribution companies who handle the purchase of magazines such as EMAGE Magazine, and any books, photographs, etc.

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Steven Cuoco

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