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"We're all angels," says Cuoco. "And united we have one dream – to be known, to be respected, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged. The 'United Angels Dream' series will bring different artistic mediums that almost mirror each other together in one place. And by collaborating with different artists, United Angels Dream will be able to unite these people in their dream."

- Forbes



"A simple 'Hello' can lead to a million great things to happen, and opportunity by connecting with Steven, today." Mr. Cuoco provides that professional second opinion about all your personal, business, start-up and entrepreneurship decisions needed in the world of business and entertainment.


Services Tailored For You: Steven provides maximum value in helping companies solve issues, maximize growth and improve business performance: how it looks, how it operates, understanding what your business intends to do and providing consistent value to your customers. Usage of business skills, provides objective advice and expertise to help an organization, company or corporate business to develop specialist skills that you will be requiring. It is all about making the best even better!

Areas of services include: 

  • Luxury Branding / Social Media / KPI

  • Marketing & Management Strategy

  • Events

  • Human Resources

  • Public Relations

  • E-business

  • Image Consulting

  • Reputation Management

  • Employee / Staff / Management Training

  • Mentorship

  • Star-Ups & Corporate Consulting

  • Model / Actor / Fashion Designer Representation

  • Fitness / Bodybuilding Representation

Steven's primarily concentration is within strategy, structure, management and operations. I will identify options for your company and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advisement on additional resources to implement solutions.

Choices made and personalized for you while sharpening your business presence. Business consultation generally begins with understanding what clients wish to improve and enhance. This may include reviewing financial statements, staff/management training, evaluating competitors, and analyzing business practices.

This is where you discover and express the core purpose of your business, in a way that’s strategically different from your competitors. It is based on deep research and analysis, then delivered in ways that resonate logically and emotionally with your constituents.

End Result: Establishing maximum exposure; solidifying solid customer/client retention and obtaining continual lead generation through trusted word of mouth and referrals.



We are currently accepting applications for publicity campaigns and event promotion from actors, musicians, models and artists events. If you feel you qualify for support to make your event or profile extraordinary please contact the offices of Steven Cuoco to begin the application process. Please be aware we also accept various art grants or scholarships from noted artistic schools, colleges and government artist support programs.

Independent artists with talent are welcome to apply and may receive consideration for financial or publicity support. Email Steven, today!


About United Angels Dream

United Angels Dream, LLC (UAD), CEO & Founder Steven Cuoco, is the global public relations agency and a leading multimedia content provider.

In addition, United Angels Dream offers strategic consulting throughout global business affairs in entertainment, corporate, small business, marketing, advertising, and luxury branding.

It's Simple. Clients don't choose United Angels Dream because they don't know what their options are when it comes to public relations and representation. Clients choose United Angels Dream because they do.