Breakthrough Artist Joel Rothwell: Keep An Eye Out For Me, I'm On My Way


Joel Rothwell is a sought after-world renowned music artist based out of the UK. While making a name for himself, Joel continues to push outside of his comfort zone, and attract the attention of leading artists, top producers, and agents who want to work with him from around the world. Here is my one-on-one behind the scenes exclusive interview with Joel, and a must watch video.

SC: At what age did your music journey begin?

JR: I’d say my musical journey started shortly after I was wrongfully expelled from school. I’ve always wanted to do music and it was only till I left that school where I got expelled from that I started writing and sending ideas out to producers. 

SC: Explain your experience when you first began recording in the studio?

JR: I’ve worked in so many different studios and none of them are ever the same, but the first studio I worked in, the producer had colour coded literally ever piece of kit in the studio: from the mics all the way to his keypad on his laptop, so I kind of felt like a kid in a candy store. It felt amazing to finally be in a set up where I could see my ideas come to life.

SC: Do you find that you have more highs or lows while in the music industry?

JR: I think everyone’s journey is different, and some people will have more highs then lows, and visa versa, but for me I’d say I have definitely had more lows than highs. I’ve found out the hard way that trust is something hard to find in the music industry, and there are a lot of sharks out there that will gut you for 20% of something they had nothing to do with! The key is to just stay motivated and positive and not let the lows linger for too long.

SC: Best mentor you ever had, and why?

JR: I have two mentors, and they are my parents, donna & Jeremy. They have always believed in me and see that I strive for greatness. 

SC: Have you ever thought of breaking into the music market in the States?


JR: Absolutely, I think its everyone’s goal really to have your music played over in the states! I’m actually hoping to head over to LA around October/November to do some sessions and maybe a few gigs! 

SC: Have you ever thought about quitting and starting over? If so, why?

JR: Music is my one true passion, so quitting isn’t really an option. I know if I keep doing things the right way, positive things will happen. 

SC: From 1-10 how intense is the struggle to become a known professional artist? Explain.

JR: The struggle is a solid 10. Everyone’s fighting for the lime light and the markets so saturated. I’m from Manchester and most of the acts in my town are indie rock bands, so there’s not really a stage for an act like me. London is the place to be. I’ve been with management teams and had labels looking over me, and when your growing up you kind of think once your signed that’s it, you’ve made it, but it’s really not the case.

SC: Do you have a new single coming out, soon?

JR: I do, the tracks called Beautiful Monster. I can’t wait to release it and I recorded it with one of my favourite producers - Toby Scott who’s worked with the likes of Little Mix, and Gorgon City who I take inspiration from.

SC: Favorite quote that keeps you inspired?

JR: “Life’s not about how many breathes we take, its about the moments that take our breath away.”

SC: What’s your best kept secret that you are ready to let your fans know about?


JR: I think I’m the best kept secret, and I can’t wait for you to hear what’s coming.

SC: What would you do over again if you had the opportunity?

JR: I would have started out as a solo act. The early days of music I was writing for a band, and had a female vocalist featured which lead me to create a band. I wish I hadn’t done that!

SC: When no one is looking, what would we find you doing while alone?

JR: My vocal coach has me doing some really weird and crazy exercises that makes me sound like a mad man if you heard me in the street, so I tend to do them when I’m alone!

SC: Who would you like to give a shout out to, and why?

JR: I’ll give a shoutout to my amazingly talented elder sister Rebecca. I do all my writing with her!

SC: Any words of advice?

JR:  Yeah keep an eye out for me, I’m on my way.

SC: Closing thoughts?

JR: Thanks for the interview!

To find out more about Joel, go to his website. You will be impressed! Joel Rothwell

Photos submitted by Joel Rothwell

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