Yea! I've Taken A Bite Out Of The Big Apple & Look Where It Got Me


SC: What does it take to be successful in real estate in New York?

AK: First off, the benchmarks of success are different for everyone as it is truly subjective in nature. For some it may be money, for others it may be notoriety. Whatever someone defines as successful is up to them. When it comes to real estate in this city I think it boils down to a few simple things: tenacity, building momentum and, let’s be real, a whole lot of luck.

SC: What’s the best advice you have offered someone who really needed words of encouragement?

AK: That’s easy. To believe in themselves. You can have thousands of people who believe in you, but if you don’t believe in yourself it’s worthless. You believing in yourself is more powerful than all of the others combined. Once someone learns to love themselves and have their own back they can accomplish anything.

SC: What inspires you?

Adan 9.jpg

AK: Connection: To others, to myself, to nature. We are only in this human experience for so long so I intend to make the most of it.

SC: Perfect date?

AK: Call me what you may, but I’m a sucker for a summer sunset. Grabbing a bottle of wine, going down by the beach or near the waters edge and having a super dope conversation about anything that stimulates the mind.  

SC:  Ideal woman?

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AK: A real woman. Someone who loves themself, respects themselves and others, values family, a worldly person who leads a health-conscious lifestyle, someone who knows how to have fun, doesn’t sweat the small stuff and someone who lets me fully be me. Because after all, don’t we all just want to love and be loved for being who we are? I think so.  

SC: What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle?  

AK: I think it boils down to consistency. Creating habits that are sustainable for the long term. I used to be very much so like “time to get my summer body” but when you do things in waves you burn out. My goal is to always have that summer body not because I’m killing myself in the gym or depriving myself of my sour gummy vice, but because I do things every day that contribute to my overall health. Sleeping, working out, laughing, drinking lots of water,  taking my vitamins and eating a balanced diet.  

SC:  Worst decision ever made?  

AK: I don’t know man, I’ve made some pretty poor decisions in my life mostly when I was younger... but as long as I’ve learned something from each, at least I know I’m wiser than I was.

SC: What inspired you about modeling?

Adan 11.jpg

AK: I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of perception. The notion that multiple sets of eyes can be looking at the same thing but what they see is different from one another intrigues me like no other. I guess through modeling you are offered the ability to see yourself through someone else’s lens, both literally and figuratively, and given the freedom to find the beauty in it.  

SC: Do you believe that men have to have a perfect physique to be successful in the world of modeling?  If so, why?  

AK: I do not. What I do think, is that the man has to feel and believe he has whatever you deem as “perfect.” Confidence trumps all.  

SC: What is your 5-year plan?  

AK: To make sure my 10-year plan works.  

SC: Any regrets?  

AK: Not being true to myself. I’ve done things in my life that I didn’t realize were harmful to me in the moment, yet after some time the clarity comes. I found it most important to be real and honest as hard as it may sometimes be.  

SC: Closing thoughts?  

AK: Go be great!!

Photography by Steven Cuoco

Steven Cuoco