Exclusive: Danielle Weber Opens Up About Her Future, What It Means To Be An Artist & Gratitude To Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


With an abundance of support from family, Danielle Weber shared about how she challenges herself, and defines what it means to be a recognized world acclaimed artist.

SC: What inspires you the most when it comes to painting?  

DW: My family have always been my main inspiration, but when it comes to subject matter people’s journeys really inspire me.  

SC: How do you get into the zone when beginning a new project?  

DW: I do extensive research into each project I commence which lights the fire within me. In terms of remaining in the zone, it can be hard sometimes, so I turn to mediation and music to get in the zone.  

SC: What challenges you the most personally and professionally?  

DW: Work life balance often presents its challenges. Balancing family, friends and my partner amongst working up to 16 hour days consistently can be challenging. Also, the highs in what I do are amazing, and of course appreciated, however, I do find it hard (mentally) after big successes/milestones in my career.  


SC: Do you find it to be challenging when taking on certain art projects?  If so, why?

DW: I guess every project presents different challenges. Some of my work is so different to the previous project so often it is difficult to shift gears and embrace the change in direction. Some clients may be more difficult/demanding to deal with, and some times when there isn’t a lot of freedom granted, that can be hard too.  

SC: How often in the day do you set time for yourself in order to rejuvenate?  

DW: When I have a full schedule, there isn’t a lot of time in the day that I dedicate to myself. I make sure I train regularly at the gym which is important for my mental and physical health. To make up for my crazy schedule, I book regular holidays to keep my passion alive and keep me sane.  

SC: Do you dance to your favorite tunes when painting?  If so, what sort of music gets you into the mood?  

DW: Haha! I sure do! It depends on how I’m feeling on the day, or what I’m painting. I listen to anything from 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music: to rock, reggae, RnB, indie folk or soulful pop music. Definitely always a mixed bag of music in my playlists.  

SC: Where do you find your inspiration?


DW: Music, history, elderly people (full of wisdom) and travel.  

SC: When no one is looking, what would we find you doing?  

DW: Talking to myself, making funny faces and definitely not sitting still haha! A lot of people laugh at my inability to sit still.  

SC: Have you thought of putting together a book with your work included, along with suggestions, tips, stories and testimonials?  

DW: Yes definitely!  Something similar is in the works and may support an upcoming exhibition.  

SC: Would you change anything about your life or experiences?  If so, why?  

DW: Definitely not as I believe everything happens for a reason. As hard as some things in life may be to swallow, I truly believe everything that is thrown your way, has happened for a reason and made you grow.  

SC: What brings you the most joy?


DW: Seeing the love and appreciation in clients faces when I finish a piece – truly means the world to me!

SC: favorite quote?  

DW: “Without discipline, there’s no freedom”.  

SC: Best advise you have received?  

DW: This journey isn’t a race, slowly does it. Also, time is the greatest gift you can give to someone.  

SC: Who would you like to give a shout-out to?  

DW: Dwayne Johnson for inspiring me daily, and of course my family, partner and friends who continue to motivate and support me.  

SC: Closing thoughts?  

DW: Thank you for your time guys! If you’re an aspiring creative, dedicate any time you have to your craft, even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes! And never give up.

Photos provided by Danielle Weber

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