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A syndicated reality show on Revry TV is looking to cast two male underwear models to be a “Featured Model” only.

Requirements, Date of Filming: Male model(s), 6 foot (+), for season 2, episode 3 reality show, and will be filmed in New York City on March 21st, 2019. Deadline submission is March 17th, 2019.

Seeking Submissions From: This is a non-paid opportunity. If you are located in New York, Pennsylvania, and the New Jersey area and are available without restriction on March 21, 2019, please fill out form below and include your Instagram, email, full name, phone number, and height. All potential male model(s) will receive an email of being in the running towards becoming a finalist.

If you are chosen as a finalist to be filmed, an email may be sent requesting additional information and photos to be submitted to determine final decision. You will also receive details of private location and time of production once a final decision has been made. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. This will affect you being considered for all future model and acting casting. You are responsible for travel expenses.

About the scene: Models will act as fit models for underwear brand. Standing in the office during a meeting with a stylist to review the new samples of boxers & briefs. Models will be provided with private space to change, coffee and snack. Filming will be about an hour to and hour and thirty minutes (please be flexible with schedule.)


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United Angels Dream, LLC and its purpose is (only) offering information while providing a professional platform for casting and its consideration of finalist to be a featured model on show. United Angels Dream, LLC will handle all matters of casting objectively.