Features Overview

Celebrities, corporate, high-profile business and people in the media spotlight may require bodyguard and secret service when traveling to private locations, special events or media appearances. Whether you are traveling locally, nationally or international, it is important to me to provide resources for you that are highly experienced bodyguards and security personnel.


Corporate Event Security

May it be domestic or an international location, clients will receive tailored security services that meet your needs.  The resources I will introduce you to have extensive experience of planning, implementing and managing special event security at the highest corporate levels and ensures clients of a tier-one service. 



Red Carpet Security Services

I am confident that the resources and service you will receive are from highly decorated backgrounds and have years of close protection and bodyguard experience. Their main priority and focus is on ensuring high standards at every juncture: from logistical management at the off-set, through to experienced, well presented and intelligent personnel that can liaise at executive levels.  They are very familiar and know how and when to blend in and be low profile, and when to be an effective visual deterrent.

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Private Location, Transport & Travel

I know all too well how important it is to travel exclusively, and privately, whether it be on a private jet or by land.  No matter what your needs may be, your privacy, safety and security will be handled with the utmost delicacy and care to understanding that anonymity is essential.  

Call me to find out more and to set up a quote at 908-329-5131, or email me by going to my Booking page.

Disclaimer: All contracts made by you with third party resource will be at your discretion and full responsibility.  I take no legal responsibility for any decision made in transaction and delivery of service.